Video: Tourists wowed as 1,000-strong dolphin pod overtakes boat

Whale-watching tourists in Dana Point, California, got an added bonus when a 1,000-strong pod of dolphins performed a 'stampede' passed their boat.

The natural phenomenon is an incredible sight, and it was a spectacular show for passengers on board Captain Dave's Dolphin and Whale Safari.

It is not known what prompted the dolphins to converge into the large group and show off their speed and agility skills en masse directly towards the boat.

According to, the dolphins were 'porpoising', the term used to describe the animals when they are engaged in their fastest mode of movement.

Passengers filmed footage of the occurrence on their mobiles and, fortunately, the boat also had an underwater camera to catch the dolphins, reports

According to the, Dana Point is home to around 450,000 dolphins, making it the area with the greatest density of the animals per square mile in the world.

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