Does Rhianna's video make you want to go to Barbados?

Rihanna in a bikini on the beach in BarbadosBarbados Tourism Authority

Just in case you were ever in doubt, Rihanna likes nothing better than to frolic on the beach in Barbados – and she's made a new video to prove it.

The Caribbean island's most celebrated figure made this little film as part of the latest social media campaign from the island's tourist board, Visit Barbados. She shows just a few of the things you can do on the island, from horse riding and cycling to playing dominoes on the beach and skipping through sugar plantations...

if it makes you want to go, we've got loads more ideas to help inspire you in our top ten things to do in Barbados.

Does Rihanna's video make you want to go to Barbados? Tell us below!

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