Big cat alert as Jaguar crosses narrow cycle bridge

Big cat alert as Jaguar crosses narrow cycle bridgeRuth Platt/Rex Features

The driver of this Jaguar XF has done nothing to improve cyclist and motorist relations, when he drove his car across a famous bike bridge in Cambridge city centre.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the 50-year old driver only realised his mistake when he got to the other side, after being given a hard time by cyclists.
He then reversed back across the bridge which is at the north end of Cambridge station apparently apologising profusely.

Cracking and creaking noises heard as the car went across the 23-year old bridge have raised questions as to whether it was strong enough to support a car.

According to the council, this has never happened in the bridge's history and it last underwent a makeover seven-years ago, where the surface was replaced.

After this, we'd suggest that Cambridge Council might want to look at doing the same again...
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