Video: Elephant 'eats' tourist's iPhone

The hilarious moment an elephant decides to eat a tourist's mobile phone has been caught on camera.

The peckish pachyderm appears to use his trunk to hoover up the girl's phone as she takes pics of her friend feeding it.

Lots of noisy screaming ensues, with the one of the keepers seemingly telling the girl it's too late, her phone has gone.

The film then cuts to a pile of the elephant's poo, where the girl's friend calls the missing mobile with her own phone.

The mobile can be heard buzzing, and the keeper sifts through the poo to retrieve it.

Inevitably, the girls have a debate about who was going to take the poo-covered phone back...

Some viewers have questioned the validity of the video, however, claiming it could be a hoax.

According to The Sun, one said: "While at first glance, it looks like the real deal, I think that the video could be a fake.

"Given the circumstances, everyone seems a bit too relaxed, including the handler and the woman who lost the phone.

"Still, it's pretty funny to watch."

We thought so, too...

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