Video: Cargo truck of cows crashes


What happens when a lorry carrying a cargo of cows crashes?

Well, they fall out... from the top of the lorry, and the resulting footage appears on the web.

As you probably guessed, the internet's latest viral video of crazy driving comes from Russia.
Uploaded to YouTube just before Christmas, the video shows exactly what happens when a cattle lorry carrying dozens of cows crashes on a busy road.

In Britain, a cattle lorry is normally quite a robust thing and travels at around 16mph. But in glorious Russia, the opposite is true.

In what looks like a dumper truck, the cattle lorry driver crashes into a van coming the opposite way and finds himself wrestling a rather large truck on two wheels. He finds his truck tipping over and scraping along the road, right in the path of a car.

In the debacle, the cows ungracefully tumble out of the truck and onto the highway. Luckily, the car filming the action is able to pull-up in time and reverse, avoiding his car getting crushed by several tons of cow.

Hopefully no cows were harmed in the incident.

Watch and tut away...

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