New ways to tackle cellulite

Caroline Cassidy

Along with anti-ageing 'miracle' creams and amazing slimming aids and diets, women all over the world have been searching for a cure for cellulite. Some 85 per cent of women in the UK are affected by fat deposits beneath the surface of the skin, leaving a dimpled appearance.

cellulite treatments 2012
cellulite treatments 2012

The bad news is that there is no 'cure', but there are products on the market that have been specifically designed to improve the appearance of unsightly 'orange peel' skin.

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Recently heralded as a 'breakthrough' cellulite treatment, CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a fatty acid found in beef. A US study published in the Advances in Therapy Journal earlier this year, claimed that in a group of 60 women who took CLA for 60 days, 75 per cent saw a significant improvement in the appearance of the skin, while also losing 0.88 inches on the circumference of their thigh. Unfortunately, since it is present only in small amounts in beef, getting enough CLA to make a difference from your diet is unlikely, but have already created supplement version called Total CLA.

This surgical solution to cellulite arrived in the UK last year, with a great deal of fanfare. A revolutionary procedure that targets the internal tissues that cause cellulite, Cellulaze treatment zaps away the fat with a laser during a 90-minute op performed under local anaesthetic, and both recovery time and scarring is minimal. It does come at a price, however, with the procedure costing in the region of £2,500, and it's not suitable for everyone, but a US study involving 110 Cellulaze patients in 2011 found no deterioration a full year after surgery.

REN Body Contouring Anti-Cellulite Gel
When it comes to creams, gels and lotions, caffeine is the key word to look for. It is thought caffeine helps to improve the appearance of cellulite because it dehydrates fat cells, making them seem less prominent. REN's Anti-Cellulite Gel (£32) combines the coffee bean extract with pepper rose spice, which helps to drain toxins from the body, and horse chestnut to reduce swelling. If nothing else, it makes for a gorgeous cooling body lotion.
Proskins SLIM Leggings
If you can't be bothered with twice-daily skin creams and surgery seems a step too far, it could be worth investing in a pair of Proskins SLIM leggings. Made from a micro-encapsulated yarn, these comfy garments release caffeine, retinol and vitamin E to help slim your legs, and in independent clinical trials, 63 per cent of women who wore them for 28 days saw a reduction in the dreaded dimple effect. £50 might seem expensive for a pair of leggings, but this wearable slimming technology is also available in cycling shorts, capris and shorts starting at £30 a pair.

Body sculpting cellulite and colon therapy
Battling cellulite doesn't have to be hard work. For a truly luxurious treatment, Saks offer the Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy at their salons, including skin brushing, firming creams, a detox body mask and an abdominal massage to cleanse the colon. Saks recommend two treatments a week for four weeks at £60 a time, so you'll need to be committed to the cause. But you'll feel so softened, smoothed and slimmed down by the end of it, you might just think it's worth the cash.

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