Brits 'too busy' to eat healthily

Caroline Cassidy

The obesity epidemic hits the news on an almost weekly basis these days, and that's hardly surprising given that fast food and eating on the go is how many people get through the day.

Brits too busy to eat healthily
Brits too busy to eat healthily

According to a new survey, more than 50 per cent of Brits are simply too busy to eat a healthy meal, relying on rushed snacks and sandwiches for sustenance.

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The poll, conducted by the New York Bakery Company, found that hard-working adults find little time for a lunch hour, with 47 per cent confessing to grabbing a sandwich at their desk.

Despite the fact that it's the most important meal of the day, 40 per cent say they can spare just 10 minutes for breakfast.

Nearly one in three opted for brunch instead... but even that was scoffed in under 20 minutes.

Even more shocking was the news that 20 per cent of those polled did without breakfast and lunch, and relied entirely on snacks to get them through the day. And a whole day of snacking meant most couldn't face a proper meal in the evening.
Meanwhile, any attempt at weight loss could prove tricky for the 16 per cent who regularly eat after 8pm, when the digestive system is slowing down.

And 16 per cent of Yorkshire residents took that one step further, admitting they often woke up for a midnight snack.

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