Millionaire boy racers causing uproar in posh London borough

Channel 4

Residents in one of Britain's poshest areas are fed up with super-rich playboys and their cars.

Dwellers in Knightsbridge, central London, are furious about the antics of supercar-driving rich Arab tourists, and are calling them "a manifestation of too much-ness".
The alarming statements come from a documentary which airs on Channel 4 tonight. The programme makers followed the rich playboys who are swapping the heat of the Middle East for the cool borough of London for their summer holidays.

These twenty-something boys are often seen at the wheel of Bugatti Veyrons, Ferrari 458s, Koenigseggs, Bentleys and Rolls-Royce Phantoms when the weather turns hot. But the residents of Knightsbridge are getting fed up with their inconsiderate behaviour, complaining about the drivers frequently speeding and revving their engines.

The Metropolitan Police is now starting to intervene, reprimanding those without the correct insurance, number plates and road tax.

According to Channel 4, some Brits are taking up the hobby of "carparazzi" which involves taking photos and videos of the latest swanky cars to appear in the London borough.

The programme airs at 10pm tonight on Channel 4
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