Top ten things to do in Barbados

Katy Holland
Top ten things to do in Barbados
Top ten things to do in Barbados

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White sand, crystal clear blue waters, waving palm trees and guaranteed warm weather: no wonder millions of holidaymakers travel to Barbados every year.

And while flying and flopping is all well and good, this Caribbean island's appeal goes far deeper than sun, sea and sand. Steeped in history, architecture and wildlife, and with arguably the friendliest locals in the region, Barbados is a fabulous place for the explorer as well as the beach bum.

The best thing about a holiday here is that you can't really get bored (unless you want to, of course. And there's really nothing wrong with lounging on the beach all day complaining that the ice in your cocktail has melted). With so much to see and do, the challenge is to fit it all in so that you feel you've got a real taste of the place

As one of the Caribbean's safest islands, the last thing you should do is lock yourself away in your resort. If you do decide to get off the beach while you're there, check out our definitive list of must-dos, below.


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