Video: It's snow joke - Fiat builds Panda monster truck


With permanent four-wheel-drive and roughtie-toughtie styling, the new Fiat Panda 4x4 is more than able to go off-road.

But if you remain to be convinced, perhaps Fiat's new short film for the Panda 4x4 will convince you.
The video is designed to show that even though the car is small compared to most overly large 4x4s, the Panda is every bit as agile off-road as it is on it.

The Panda monster truck used in the film is no computer generation either. The Italian firm used a Jeep CJ7 4200 floorpan as the basis for the giant Panda, which sits four metres high, and uses 1.5m diameter road tractor wheels and some beefy tyres.

Engineers took two weeks to transform the Panda 4x4 into a monster truck thanks to the complicated job of connecting the Panda's clutch, brakes and throttle to the Jeep platform.

Unfortunately there are no plans to put the Panda monster truck into production, but you can buy the rather more normal Panda 4x4 which costs from £13,950.
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