Easyjet plane in emergency landing at Luton Airport as engine fails mid-air

Easyjet plane in emergency landing at Luton Airport as engine fails mid-airPA

Passengers on a Geneva to Edinburgh Easyjet flight had a scare when the plane made an emergency landing after an oil leak forced its pilot to shut down an engine.

The Airbus A319 was carrying 150 holidaymakers and crew from Geneva on Monday when the pilot made the decision to shut the engine down and land at Luton Airport as "a precaution".

The Sun reports that a fire engine and two support vehicles were scrambled and trains to the airport were temporarily suspended.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, a spokeswoman said for Easyjet said: "Easyjet can confirm that flight EZY6908 flying from Geneva to Edinburgh diverted to London Luton Airport due to a technical issue.

"The captain took the decision to divert as a precaution only. The safety of its passengers and crew is Easyjet's highest priority."

According to The Sun, she added: "All passengers were given some refreshments prior to boarding another flight to Edinburgh."

The news comes just days after it emerged Easyjet passengers hoping to enjoy Christmas in Madeira had to settle for a hotel near Bristol Airport instead - after their plane could not land.

The flight took off from Bristol Airport on Christmas Eve bound for Madeira but, after two hours in the air, passengers were told they would be returning to Bristol as Fucnhal Airport had to be closed due to bad weather.

Extremely disappointed travellers then had to spend two nights - and Christmas Day - at the Holiday Inn near Bristol Airport.

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