Scary moment shark stalks hapless seagull


Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water...

A hapless seagull in Mexico didn't realise that it was unwittingly involved in recreating the iconic poster for the 1975 film, Jaws (below), when it was stalked by a hungry great white shark.

This amazing picture was taken by marine photographer Erin Quigley on a diving expedition in Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.

Ms Quigley took a series of photographs from inside a shark cage while on a diving trip and, according to the Daily Mail, said: "I was 16 when Jaws was released, and my siblings and I were obsessed.

"My sister had the poster from the film, showing a hapless swimmer about to be devoured, on her wall, and it was so terrifying that I used to avert my eyes as I passed it on my way to bed at night.

"But this time I was hoping to capture a similar drama on camera."

Scary moment shark stalks hapless seagullRex

She said that a group of seagulls had landed on the water, attracted by bait that was used to lure the sharks.

The birds, she said, did not seem to phased by the shark's proximity, but that, under water, "even the slowest approach of the enormous shark towards the tiny, vulnerable feet of the gull created an encounter full of life-and-death suspense."

You'll be pleased to know that no seagulls were harmed during the making of the wonderful pic...

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