Middletons 'Little Prince' cash-in?

In time for Kate's pregnancy, the Middleton's Party Pieces website is selling a range of baby items. The site includes 'Little Prince' and 'Little Princess' party pack offerings.

Earlier in 2012 the Middletons were quick to offer Royal Wedding and Diamond Jubilee paraphernalia. So, do accusations of cashing in stand up?

Business opportunity

Many will think so. However the sort of things they sell proved popular some time before Kate Middleton married Prince William.

The Middletons run a private business. It might not be to your taste, but they're good at it (as evidenced by a new multi-million pound home). It also provides employment for at least 30 people.

Party supplies businesses promoting prince and princess - not to mention party bags, plastic straws, christening and other stuff - from tot-land have been around for ever. If they weren't pushing some kind of prince-and-princess product, a rival would.

Dumbo's party

And if you're daft enough to pay £22.80 for the Middleton's Dumbo Ultimate Party Kit or £25.37 for the Princess Castle Fun Ultimate Party Kit with FREE Castle Fun Lootbags (the wording is a bit unfortunate), that's your issue.

It's not clear whether the Little Prince or Little Princess party packs are actually new (we've asked the company for confirmation), though the Princess Castle Fun pack is a new product.

However, if you were Kate Middleton you might probably feel a bit embarrassed: Mum & Dad churning out the animal bath toys and Princess-for-a-Day Party Cups (£2.69 for a packet of eight) and bunting in Berkshire while Kate mingles with the great, the good and dull.
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