Get fit at home in 2013

Caroline Cassidy

The new year is nearly here and Brits everywhere will be pulling on their trainers and heading down to the gym as part of their new fitness regime. But let's face it, not everybody wants to pound the pavements on these cold winter nights, and some of us can think of nothing worse than rows and rows of running machines.

fitness games and workout dvds
fitness games and workout dvds

Fear not - the new year always brings with it a range of celebrity-endorsed fitness DVDs and console games aimed at helping those who would rather do their working out in the privacy of their own home. Here are a few of the latest additions to the market.

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Sybille's Total Body Cleanse
If you're averse to energy-sapping fitness, even at home, then it's worth trying something entirely more relaxed. Expert instructor Sybille's Total Body Cleanse for 2013 is a 90-minute programme which claims to cleanse the entire body, as well as giving you all the stress relief associated with yoga. Best of all, the programme is broken down into six 15-minute sessions so you can squeeze it in around your busy day.

Not for the faint-hearted, Tony Horton's P90X programme isn't called 'Extreme Home Fitness' for nothing. A huge hit in the States, this 90-day programme has been similarly popular since it came to the UK, and is designed to get muscles and heart pumping, and speed you towards totally ripped fitness. You'll need to be serious to cope with the workouts, and it's not cheap at £105.95 from Amazon - but it does come with 12 DVD workouts, a three-phase nutrition plan and a detailed fitness guide to help you through the programme.

Your Shape Fitness Evolved - Xbox 360 Kinect
The problem with so many fitness programmes is that there's very little enjoyment involved, particularly if you're just returning to exercise or need to start slowly. That's where games consoles can really help, and Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a great place to start. With workout options including yoga, martial arts, dance and more, there are hundreds of different kinds of exercises, plus downloadable content to keep your workouts new and interesting.
Dance Central 3
Dance games have been selling like hot cakes since the rise of the Xbox Kinect and Wii. This year's hottest new game is Dance Central 3 for the Kinect - the latest version of the smash hit franchise. The soundtrack includes more than 40 new tracks, from 70s disco to high-energy dance tracks, and party mode means up to eight people can battle it out on the dancefloor. Fun and fitness in one handy package - what more could you ask for?

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