Paris streetlights could be turned off to save money

Ceri Roberts
Paris streetlights could be turned off to save money
Paris streetlights could be turned off to save money


French ministers are considering a plan to turn off streetlights between the hours of 1am and 7am in a bid to save money and energy.

If it's approved, the plan would not only plunge Paris into darkness, but would also apply to all other cities, towns and villages across France.

The Daily Mail reports that French President Francois Hollande and his energy minister Delphine Batho are currently considering the proposal. If it goes ahead, residents and visitors would be encouraged to carry torches if they venture outside in the early hours.

Delphine Batho has said that the move would save energy and money and would show 'sobriety'. It follows on from a new rule which was brought in last July, whereby businesses have to turn off neon lights between 1am and 6am.

However, the plans are not popular with business owners, who worry that plunging residents and tourists into darkness could affect trade.

French chef and culinary consultant Didier Quemener told Quartz: "My clients don't want to be in the dark in the City of Light."

The Independent reports that, if it goes ahead, the new rules would come into effect in July 2013. The Energy Ministry claims that it wouldn't represent a big change from the current situation, as the lights at Paris' 304 monuments, churches, statues, fountains and bridges are already turned off at night - and the Eiffel Tower's lights are turned off at 1am.

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