Road test: Chrysler 300C

James Batchelor


After an absence of two years, the Chrysler 300C returns to the UK. But will the new version worry its proven European rivals? AOL Cars drove one to find out.

What is it?

It's a totally new version of one of the most distinctive and imposing cars on UK roads in recent times. The old 300C carved itself a bit of a unique reputation by being a totally American car that us Brits actually wanted to buy. Saloon and estate models were equally impressionable to a buying public used to buying 5 Series BMWs. This new car aims to take all of those good points but this time add in some handling forte and a dose of good build quality. In America and in the UK, it's known as the Chrysler 300C, while in continental Europe it's badged the Lancia Thema.