Kate Winslet gets trip to Space as wedding gift from new husband

Ruth Doherty
Kate Winslet gets a trip to Space as wedding gift from new husband
Kate Winslet gets a trip to Space as wedding gift from new husband


Kate Winslet's new husband has organised a trip to Space as a wedding gift for his blushing bride.

But, as Ned RocknRoll is Sir Richard Branson's nephew, it's not as big a feat as it first sounded.

The billionaire has agreed to allow Kate and Ned to travel on a Virgin Galactic flight for free, as a wedding treat and to reward Kate, 37, for rescuing his mum Eve from a fire at his Necker Island retreat last year, according to The Sun.

Branson hopes to start commercial flights with Virgin Galactic - where Ned works part time - next year.

More than 530 people have already bought a £124,000 ticket, including Russell Brand, Ashton Kutcher, property developers the Candy brothers, and Stephen Hawking, who will be riding for free, courtesy of Branson.

It was also recently reported that Prince Harry has plans to be the first Royal to go to Space, and has asked Branson's son Sam for a seat on the first Virgin Galactic flight.

The trip is a two-hour flight 60 miles above Earth, where passengers will experience weightlessness and see Earth's curve.

Kate and Ned got married in a secret ceremony in New York over Christmas, and are reportedly planning to fly close friends and family out to Necker Island to celebrate over New Year.

The happy couple first met at Sir Richard Branson's £60 million retreat back in August 2011, when Branson's Great House was hit by lightning, and Kate carried his 90-year-old mum Eve from the burning building.

The actress and her children had a lucky escape after the blazing fire ripped through the Great House.

Branson's 29-year-old daughter Holly also escaped the flames that roared through the main house on his private paradise.

It is thought the fire was started after Hurricane Irene hit the island.

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