Evacuations after Nicaragua volcano erupts

Ruth Doherty
Evacuations after Nicaragua volcano erupts
Evacuations after Nicaragua volcano erupts

View of the San Cristobal volcano from Chinandega, 150 km from Managua, 26 December 2012: Getty

Hundreds of people in Nicaragua have been evacuated after its tallest volcano spewed an ash cloud hundreds of feet into the sky.

The 5,725 foot San Cristobal volcano, which is located around 85 miles north of the capital Managua, began belching ash late on Tuesday, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Government spokesman Rosario Murillo said around 300 families who live within a 1.9-mile radius of the volcano had been asked to evacuate for a few days as a precautionary measure "during this emergency".

But, according to The Age, many of the local farmers had decided to stay put, with some claiming the small eruption posed no threat, and others saying God would protect them.

Around 140 civil defence troops were deployed to "persuade" farmers to move away from the danger zone, state deputy Colonel Nestor Solis told reporters, according to news.com.au.

The volcano has been active in recent years and there was a similar scene in September this year. See that activity in the video below:

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