Tourist jailed for sex with prostitute in Dubai hotel

Tourist jailed for sex with prostitute in Dubai hotelStock image. PA

A tourist in Dubai has been sentenced to one year in prison for having paid sex with a prostitute at a hotel. reports that the Saudi tourist, 32, claims he hired the woman for just a massage but was sentenced by the Dubai Court of First Instance.

The woman, 34, from Uzbekistan was jailed for three years after admitting prostitution and will be placed under police surveillance.

The pair were also sentenced to a month in jail for alcohol consumption.

The Saudi man said: 'I am not guilty. I did not have sex with her... I tried to be sociable when I consumed liquor.'

According to the Daily Mail, his lawyer said the pair met at a nightclub and the man invited the woman back to his hotel room.

He said the woman's story to police was inconsistent and changed between the pair having unprotected 'bizarre intercourse' and protected sex.

President Judge Mohammad Jamal said both will be deported when they have completed their sentences.

In the United Arab Emirates, sex outside marriage and prostitution are illegal and mean prosecution, imprisonment, a fine or deportation if people are found guilty.

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