Brits avoid big New Year night out

Dinner party guestsEight in 10 Britons are planning to save their pennies for 2013 by staying in on December 31, according to a new survey from supermarket Morrisons.

A record 83% said they expect to stay at home rather than going out to party, according to the poll of 2,000 people.

Of those planning a quiet night in, 43% will simply settle down on the sofa and watch a film with treats and snacks.

Another 38% plan to have a meal and a bottle of wine, whilst 12% will see the New Year in with friends and family.

Money worries are the main reason so many people will celebrate the New Year at home this year, with 44% saying that they would stay in to save cash.

This is not surprising given that those surveyed said they would expect to spend an average of £78.20 on food, drinks, travel and entrance fees if they went out for the night.

However, the popularity of TV shows such as Come Dine With Me, which has sparked a dinner party boom across the country is also believed to be another reason for the decline in people going out.

Supermarkets such as Morrisons stand to do well out of the trend to celebrate at home.

It alone is expecting to sell over 89,000 bottles of champagne, cava and prosecco to people spending December 31 at their own homes or those of others. The supermarket also predicts that 14 tonnes of crisps will be bought.

Sonia Whiteley-Guest, from Morrisons, said: "We understand that budgets are a little tight this year.

"People want to enjoy celebrating what a great year 2012 has been with people they love and care about rather than worry about the dent on their wallet."

Despite most people staying in, however, up to 250,000 revellers are still expected to attend the central London annual fireworks display, according to the Daily Mail newspaper.

Another 80,000 party goers are expected to descend on Edinburgh for traditional Hogmanay celebrations, which will this year include a performance by the band Simple Minds.
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