79 per cent of parents use children as chauffeurs


Parents are turning the tables on their children after years of acting as a taxi service for their offspring.

As many as 79 per cent of parents get lifts from their children once they pass their driving test, a survey by Churchill car insurance has found.
But many parents pay for the privilege, shelling out an average of £11.16 per trip to their new-found chauffeurs.

The shops tops the list of places parents get driven to, followed by friends or relatives' houses, restaurants and parties.

A total of eight per cent of parents get a lift at least once a month and six per cent are ferried around by their children once a week, with two per cent even getting taken to work by a son or daughter every day.

For those who regularly get their children to take them places, 20 per cent do so because they want to be able to drink.

Also, 51 per cent of parents save money by getting their children to drive them. But around half this proportion give their children the money they would have paid on public transport and others fork out more than the going public transport rate for their lift.

Advising people not to drink and drive over the festive season, Churchill car insurance head Tony Chilcott said: "The wonderful thing about family is that you know you can always rely on them to help you out when you need a favour.

"So now that the party season is well under way, if you are going to drive, parents may well need to call upon a family member to give them a lift."
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