Angry passenger says Ryanair flight was 'trip from hell'

Angry passenger says Ryanair flight was 'trip from hell'PA

A British man who flies with Ryanair around 20 times a year has spoken out about a recent flight from Manchester to Malaga where the captain subjected passengers to an angry rant.

Mr Andy Coates, who lives in Mijas Costa, Spain, told Spain's English news website The Olive Press that his flight on December 18 was the 'trip from hell'.

He explained that the problems began when passengers were held up because staff stopped a number of people at the boarding gate to measure their luggage. One elderly lady was made to put her handbag inside her suitcase.

Then a passenger who was supposed to be flying to Barcelona boarded the Malaga flight by mistake - and the crew didn't realise until the plane was preparing for take-off.

Mr Coates told The Olive Press: "By the time the crew realised this the doors were already shut.

"In fact we were about to take off when the youngster realised he was on the wrong flight."

The captain returned the plane to the terminal so that the passenger could get off, before launching into an angry rant.

According to Mr Coates he said: "If anybody else is not happy then they can get off with him now!"

Mr Coates said: "This was an innocent mistake by the youngster, but what happened to the gate personnel who are meant to scan boarding cards?

"It didn't help that they spent so long getting everyone boarded and the way they treated this elderly lady was wrong and she got very nervous.

"It was over the top and pedantic and caused a further delay for everyone.

"Maybe if the Ryanair staff were a little less obsessed with the exact size of hand luggage they would notice a far more important fact like a passenger boarding the wrong flight."

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Angry passenger says Ryanair flight was 'trip from hell'

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