Traffic warden tickets disabled kids' bus - on day they're singing for charity

We all know parking attendants can be a little on the mean side, but one working for Nottingham city council managed to go even further last week.

Ticketing a bus that had parked in a no-loading zone, the warden ticketed the specialised ramp-equipped transport of twelve disabled children from the Oak Field School and Sports College in Nottinghamshire.
To add insult to public relationships injury, the children had been singing at a carol concert - raising £370 for a homeless charity.

According to The Sun, the warden didn't even backtrack on his questionable move when confronted. Carers who "asked him to show leniency" were reportedly told "I'm just doing my job".

Office worker Wayne Rogers, who watched the scene unfold, wasn't impressed by the warden's actions. "I took photos from my place of work as I was so disgusted with the action of this person," he told The Mirror. "I was not the only one and several other passers-by took pictures."

Another onlooker, who didn't give their name said: "He knew full well where the kids had been. He was nothing but a heartless Scrooge, and even swaggered away."

Head teacher at the school, David Stewart, was understandably upset. "I know it's a no-loading zone, but these aren't boxes being loaded into a van - they're children getting on a bus."

Nottingham City Council, whose warden ticketed the bus, later apologised for the move - saying the warden would be "given extra training" - and revoked the fines.

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