Rude plate comes up for sale


Motorists with a rather cheeky sense of humour will be very pleased to hear the UK's most notorious number plate is up for sale.

"PEN 15" has gone down into the history books as the rudest number plate issued by the DVLA, and for years has not been for sale.

It has been owned by the personalised number plate company and the plate has been used in a number of publicity stunts. Famously, in 2005, the Sun newspaper refused to use one of's adverts as it included a picture of a car with "PEN 15" on it.
Now, however, the firm has decided to put the risque reg up for sale, and they're asking (including VAT and postage)... £90k for it!

A spokesperson from told the Sun: "The reaction from the public and from passers-by who see the plate PEN 15 has been one of surprised amusement. This is a genuine registration number. It was not contrived for effect, but is simply a chance permutation of characters."

The company can also sell you "BO11 LOX" for £22,600, while "ORG 45M" will set you back a whopping £135k!

Earlier this year the DVLA banned some 250 registrations on an "11", "61", "12" and a "62" for being rude.

Among those registrations were "DR12 UGS", "DD12 UNK", "BU62 GER", "HE12 OIN" and "LE61 ESS".

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