Youths: "What's the legal drink drive limit?"


Despite regular high profile campaigns on drink driving, almost three quarters of young people do not know what the legal drink drive limit is, according to new research.

RED Driving School has commissioned a survey which shows that 79 per cent of people between the ages of 17 and 24 are unaware of the legal drink drive limit, while one in three have witnessed their parents drive following the consumption of alcohol. Meanwhile, one in five would never plan to drink and drive but admit that sometimes the unexpected does happen.
The research comes after recent statistics revealed that more drivers aged between 20 and 24 are failing breath tests than any other age group and one fifth of drivers admit to risking drink driving.

The findings from RED also showed that, according to young people, drink driving is more likely to occur in the north of the UK. When asked if drink driving is more socially acceptable in certain regions, the North of England, Scotland and rural areas were the most cited. Some of the reasons included the perception that public transport is poorer, fewer police officers and a lower population, which they believe reduces risk.

Ian McIntosh, chief executive at RED Driving School commented: "While the research has revealed a serious need for more young driver education around drink driving and what the legal drink drive limit is, it has highlighted some positive statistics that show that young people are responsible drivers and consider their safety on the road.

"The majority (62 per cent) of young people would not let the fact that their parents drink and drive affect their own decision and a further 25 per cent stated that they would be less likely to drink and drive if their parents did."

However, one third of young people said factors such as the expense of taxis and the convenience of driving could influence their decision to drive after consuming alcohol.
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