Video: Would you help a drunk into their car?


Would you help a drunk person get into their car?

We would hope the natural answer is "no", but a new secret camera campaign from has revealed the shocking number of people who are prepared to assist drunk drivers get behind the wheel.
The price comparison website created a 90-second video which is available on YouTube. In the film, an actor pretends to be drunk and asks passers-by to help him into his car.

Despite the actor clearly giving the impression of being unable to drive, two thirds of the 50 people who were approached by the drunk driver helped him into his Renault Clio.

Only eight people stood in his way and prevented the man from getting behind the wheel.

The video's timely release at Christmas time when drink driving is more prevalent is made all the more hard-hitting when the video closes with the statement: "Drink driving kills...last Christmas 7,000 drunk drivers were arrested...don't allow friends and families to drink and drive".'s head of content and PR, Sharon Flaherty, said: "Our video highlights just how many people are willing to permit drink driving, or turn a blind eye to it.

"The video is a hopefully shocking way to remind people that drink driving kills and that in many cases, it can be stopped. By preventing friends and family from driving under the influence of alcohol, you could save a life."

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at the road safety charity Brake, added: "We can all play a role in preventing needless tragedies this Christmas by standing up to drink driving.

"We're calling on drivers to stay off the alcohol completely if driving, and advising everyone to plan ahead to make sure they can get home safely from festivities. And if someone around you is thinking of drinking and driving, speak out: it could save their life or someone else's."

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