Video: Crocodile jumps on tourist swimming in river in Australia

Ruth Doherty

A tourist swimming in a river at a Northern Territory beauty spot got a shock when a crocodile leaped off a rock directly on top of him.

Swedish tourists Ulrik Bergsland and Felix Andersson were splashing around in a lagoon in the Litchfield National Park, Australia, when the crocodile decided it was bored of sunbathing on a rock and jumped on Mr Andersson.

According to, another tourist Jakob Hellberg was filming the crocodile as it sunned itself near Mr Andersson, when it suddenly jumped up, scurried over the boulder and jumped off, landing right next to him.

Most people would be out of the water in a flash, but the tourists can be heard roaring with laughter after the encounter.

We're not sure we'd find it so funny...

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