Spanish man jailed after drunken assault on Gatwick-bound Easyjet plane

Spanish man jailed after drunken assault on Gatwick-bound Easyjet planeGetty

A Spaniard has been jailed in the UK after sexually assaulting a passenger and hitting a cabin crew member on an Easyjet plane bound for Gatwick.

Alberto Saura Garre pleaded guilty via video link at Crawley Magistrates' Court last Thursday to assault by beating and sexual assault, as well as admitting possession of a small amount of cannabis and being drunk on an aircraft, according to This Is Sussex.

Saura Garre, 33, was travelling from Switzerland to the Gatwick on the Easyjet flight in search of work on 23 October when the incident happened.

Kelly Murror, prosecuting, told the court: "It was reported by cabin crew that a passenger had sexually assaulted a female passenger by squeezing her buttocks with both of his hands.
"He also assaulted the cabin manager by striking her face with his hand, causing a cut to the bridge of her nose.

"Officers met the plane and said he was drunk."

Ramon Pape, defending. told the court: "He accepted he had some drink when he got on the plane and he purchased more alcohol on the flight and accepts he became drunk.

"As far as the sexual assault is concerned the female passenger was asked to stand up by the crew to make space for other passengers and it is alleged as the defendant walked past her that he touched the clothing on her backside."

Magistrate Adrian Brown said: "The factors that make the assault more serious are that it took place on an aircraft and that it involved a member of staff doing her duties. It crosses the threshold of a custodial sentence, of four weeks in prison... (but) time spent in custody will be taken into account."

The defendant's mother, Katy Saure Garre, had flown over to Britain to be with her son, and cried tears of joy when she heard he would be released soon after the case.

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