Most Brits believe divorce is too easy

Caroline Cassidy

The majority of Britons believe divorce is too easy and that this not enough to deter warring couples from ending their marriage, a new survey has found. Of the 2,000 UK adults polled, six out of ten say the lack of legal hurdles means many couples rush into the decision... and many divorcees agree.

Brits believe divorce is too easy
Brits believe divorce is too easy

The poll, by law firm Pannone, asked the respondents whether they believe "it is too easy to divorce these days".

A majority of 57 per cent strongly agreed with the statement, including 58 per cent of the married participants and, more surprisingly, 56 per cent of those who had been divorced themselves.

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With the economic gloom putting extra pressure on many relationships, last year saw a five per cent rise in the number filing for divorce, and figures due to released later this week are expected to see that number grow further.

Infidelity is what many believe is the principal reason for legally ending a marriage, with two-thirds saying a cheating spouse is most often the cause for the split.

More than 50 per cent said couples were most likely to divorce because they were increasingly leading separate lives, while a quarter said money worries were a reason to part company. Some 18 per cent said arguments over domestic duties could be to blame.
Fiona Wood, a partner at Pannone's Family Department, told the Daily Mail: "My experience as a divorce lawyer is that the vast majority of those who divorce only do so after making great efforts to save their marriages.

"They have tended to view divorce as a last resort... It may well be that coverage of celebrities who go their separate ways after only a relatively short period of married life has perhaps influenced the public's views of divorced couples as a whole."

Do you think it's too easy to get divorced these days, and do you believe celebrity splits influence our views about ending a marriage? Leave your comments below...