Dingo put down after stealing British tourist's bag of cash and jewellery

Dingo put down after stealing British tourist's bag of cash and jewelleryStock photo: Getty

A 'problem' dingo has been put down after stealing a British tourist's bag containing money and jewellery on a beach in New South Wales, Australia.

According to The Australian, witnesses told police they had attempted to warn the 58-year-old woman that the dingo was approaching her on Jimmys Beach last Wednesday.

Police searched the area for several hours but found no trace of the bag or its contents, costing the woman several thousands of pounds.

The dingo was shot and killed after distinctive markings helped rangers to identify it.

Port Stephens Crime Manager, Acting Inspector Matthew Maroney says the animal has been the subject of several complaints in recent months.

According to abc.net.au, he said: "The offending dingo was photographed by witnesses and was clearly identified as having one leg predominantly white.

"The Manning Great Lakes ranger viewed the footage.

"It was established that this animal had been the subject of numerous complaints in the prior three months, jumping onto barbecues in the van park and approaching and stealing things from people.

"The offending dingo was located and euthanised with a single rifle shot."

The dingo is a free-roaming dog mainly found on the continent of Australia.

A dingo's natural habitat can range from deserts, to grasslands and on the verge of forests. They cannot live too far away from water and they normally settle their homes in dens, deserted rabbit holes, and hollow logs.

In general, dingoes are shy towards humans. However, like this one, there are reports of dingoes that were not impressed by the presence of humans, for instance around camps in national parks, near streets or suburbs, and of them making a nuisance of themselves.

In June 2012, a 32-year legal mystery over the death of a baby in Australia's outback came to an end when a coroner found a dingo was responsible for killing little Azaria Chamberlain, in a case that split national opinion and attracted global headlines.

The coroner's finding ended a three-decade fight for justice by Azaria's parents, Michael Chamberlain and Lindy Chamberlain, who was jailed for three years over her daughter's death before she was later cleared.

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