Video: Let's off-road.... in a Rolls-Royce


Any petrolhead will know that taking a Rolls-Royce off-road is nothing new.

There was the Rolls-Royce Armoured Car used during the First World War, for instance, complete with knobbly tyres and beefed-up mechanicals.
And then there was the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow which famously competed in the epic London to Mexico rally in 1970.

The reason why we have just given a history lesson is due to a certain video which has appeared on the internet.

Set in a beautiful country park and to the tune of some classical music, the video shows the latest Rolls-Royce Phantom II Extended Wheelbase doing what it does best - acting all regal.

But there's a twist for this Rolls-Royce is submitted to a rigourous off-roading "session".
The driver even has the cheek to carry out a full-throttle burn out with Britain's finest.

Strange behaviour for a member of the nobility, you would have to say? Well, AOL Cars smells a rat.

Look closely at the fuzzed-out number plates and you can see a registration which begins with "H". We can deduce from such a clue this Phantom is one of Rolls-Royce's very own cars – so it's either a journalist behaving abominably or it's one of those viral videos found on the web.

You know the type – a car manufacturer wants to let its hair down, so it creates an outrageous video and uploads it to YouTube with an alias name, all in the hope of said video getting recognised and picked up by motoring websites such as AOL Cars.

We could of course be wrong. But we don't think so. What do you think?

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