Video: Knight Rider receives a parking ticket

HasselhoffMcPix Ltd/Rex Features

"Michael Knight, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless..." and now with a parking ticket.

That's right, David Hasselhoff of 1980s cult TV show Knight Rider, has been given a parking ticket in his famous car, KITT.

According to the Daily Mail, Hasselhoff made a grand entrance to his pantomime premiere in Manchester on Wednesday night.

But instead of receiving an encore from admiring fans, Hasselhoff received a parking penalty notice by Manchester police who didn't seem very impressed at where he had parked his Knight Rider car.

HasselhoffMcPix Ltd/Rex Features

Hasselhoff was there to celebrate the premiere of his new Christmas panto, Peter Pan. He arrived with his girlfriend Hayley Roberts, driving his 80s sidekick KITT, and parked right outside the theatre.

Manchester is the latest city to experience Hasselhoff's acting talent. He performed in London as Captain Hook in 2010 and in Bristol last year.

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