Is that a number 3 in Sweden's Northern Lights?

Is that a number 3 in Sweden's Northern Lights?Barcroft

It appears that De La Soul were right - three really is the magic number.

The digit, which is seen as lucky in some cultures, seemingly appeared in the skies in Sweden in the form of the Northern Lights.

Amateur photographer Miles Morgan, from Portland, Oregon, captured this image of the green number above a pine forest near Kiruna in Sweden.

Is that a number 3 in Sweden's Northern Lights?Barcroft

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Morgan said: 'The first time I saw the lights I was completely gobsmacked. It was one of the most thrilling and amazing moments I've ever had, and it will stay with me forever.

"The explosions of a corona overhead are so massive that it makes you feel like the smallest thing in the universe. It is truly a miracle of nature."

Miles said that -30C conditions made shooting difficult, as the batteries in his camera would freeze, or his lens would frost over. He even went up to 40 hours without sleep to get the perfect pictures, which came on the last night of his trip.

He added that this winter offers the best chance of seeing the aurora borealis as it is the peak of a decade-long cycle of solar activity.

Is that a number 3 in Sweden's Northern Lights?Barcroft

And it's not just numbers you might see in the light display; in November, one photographer searching for the ultimate Northern Lights pic in Iceland got more than he bargained for - as his images appears to show an alien's face haunting the night sky.

The green stretch of light could be confused for a cosmic invasion as it bizarrely resembles the face of a space creature.

Landscape photographer Iurie Belegurschi captured the sighting by chance in the spectacular Reykjanes peninsula of Iceland.

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