Woman arrested smuggling cocaine in breast implants

Woman arrested smuggling cocaine as breast implantsStock photo: Getty

A woman has been arrested trying to smuggle cocaine from Colombia into Spain in 'breast implants'.

The 33-year-old woman told police she was forced by a cartel to undergo an operation like a boob job, but instead of silicone implants, she had the drugs inserted under her skin instead.

She was stopped in early December ay Barcelona's El Prat airport following a flight from Bogota, when police thought she answered strangely to routine questions, according to The Sun.

During a search, security found blood-soaked bandages covering her chest, which she admitted was resulted from the operation.

She was rushed to hospital, where doctors removed 1.3 kilos of cocaine, with street value of around £80,000, sealed in plastic bags.

The woman "had two breast implants containing cocaine implanted in her. She had two open cuts under each of her breasts," the police said,

According to the Daily Telegraph, a policeman quoted on the Vozpopuli news website said that being caught out could have saved her life: "She was in a very bad state when she arrived. She said she was not in any pain but the wounds looked very bad."

Spain's Interior Ministry said it was the first time police have four drugs smuggled in the a woman's breasts.

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