Video: Surfer pushed from boat in front of shark in prank

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You'd think one would be annoyed after being pushed out of a boat into the path of an oncoming shark.

But this Irish man seemed to see the funny side.

His friends can see the shark coming up, and decide it would be hilarious to push him off just at the moment when it swims past.

According to the video's uploader, it was shot in Ireland off the west coast beach town of Rossnowlagh.

The man's friends cackle with laughter as he struggled to pull himself back into the boat.

"What the f***?! That was mad!" the cameraman says after the victim was pulled back aboard.

The shark in question is reportedly a basking shark - a gentle plankton eater that is not dangerous to humans.

The animals can be massive, however, growing more than 40 feet and weighing up to 21 tons.

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