Clarkson tweets he can't operate sat nav

Just because you're one of the world's most famous motoring journalists, doesn't necessarily mean you know how to operate a sat nav system.

That's certainly the case with Jeremy Clarkson, who this week took to Twitter to vent his frustration at not being able to operate the sat nav system in a Hyundai Santa Fe.
When faced with not being able turn off the voice guidance on the SUV's in-built sat nav, the Top Gear host appealed to his 870,000 followers to give him some help.

Luckily, for Clarkson at least, the tweet was picked almost immediately by the Hyundai UK press office who were more than happy to point his digits in the direction of the "off" button.

Hyundai's caring tweet certainly received the thumbs-up from its followers. Their tweet that clarified exactly how to switch off the voice was retweeted 13 times and got six "favourites".

Tweets from impressed followers included "Now that's what I call good service" and "he's quite the heckler".

A spokesperson told AOL Cars: "We keep a close eye on Twitter for mentions of Hyundai and Jeremy's tweet was one of many we receive. We always try and get back to tweets as quickly as possible."

After @Hyundai_UK_PR's helpful tweet, it would seem Clarkson didn't tweet back. Perhaps he felt just a little embarrassed?

It's not the first time the Top Gear presenter has taken to Twitter to vent his frustration. Earlier this month Clarkson received criticism for tweeting the number plates of drivers who annoyed him, and for joking the future of Top Gear was in peril after Land Rover had made the boot too small on the new Range Rover.

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