What is Jeremy Clarkson road testing?


We're used to seeing Jeremy Clarkson going sideways in the latest supercar while talking to a camera.

But this latest picture proves the Top Gear host is game for anything.
No-one is quite sure what Clarkson is driving on the streets of London in this picture. Is it a lawnmower? Is it a golf caddy? Or is it a Star Wars Stormtrooper?

We have no idea but we hope the mystery will be solved in a forthcoming Top Gear episode or Clarkson video.


The weird contraption, finished in white with two blue racing stripes, is clearly sporting some cameras and microphones for filming.

And other pictures appearing on the web would seem to show the vehicle is not holding up too much traffic either – so perhaps those go-faster stripes are not just for decoration?

Perhaps the 52-year-old is test driving a suitable first car for his daughter? Last week AOL Cars reported Clarkson was giving his 17-year-old driving lessons.

Writing in The Sun, Clarkson said: "She had a driving instructor to fill in the blanks that I didn't know, like the law."

The Top Gear presenter admitted he isn't teaching her simple driving techniques like Mirror-Signal-Manoeuvre or parallel parking. Instead, he remains true to his "Top Gear" style, teaching her tricks.

"I did the how to do a handbrake turn, power-sliding and J-turns - the important stuff," he said.

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