Video: BMW driver shows how not to park

Video: BMW driver shows how not to

The saying 'money doesn't buy happiness' could well be what the owner of this BMW is muttering under their breath.

In a video that's being branded as the worst example of car parking this year, it makes for cringing viewing if you're a car lover.
Originally posted on, the video shows that just because this driver has the money to afford a German sports car, it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at parking.

The minute-long film shows the driver of a BMW Z4 getting it very badly wrong when trying to reverse out of a seemly straightforward car parking space.

The video starts with the Z4 being stuck on the pavement, after the owner drove forwards instead of sticking the gear lever into reverse.

A voice behind the camera is then heard to be admiring the Z4's "ugly ass wheels", before the driver finds the backwards cog and slams into the side of the parked car sitting alongside.

Another voice is heard saying: "Is that my car? Sh**!", and then the video ends.

We urge you to watch the video below – but if you are easily offended, stop the video just before 0:55s as the above rude word is said with some feeling.

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