Brits need £93k for financial peace of mind

The average Briton needs £93,000 to give them a sense of financial security and peace of mind, a new survey has revealed.

£93k the price of financial security

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The poll, commissioned by Legal & General, found that cash-strapped householders hit by sky-rocketing bills and pay freezes would only feel "financially safe and comfortable" with just under £100k in the bank.

That figure varies depending on where you're living, however. In the capital, the high cost of living means the average Londoner would need £109,020 for financial security, while those in the South West require the much lower sum of £73,910.

Of course, that's just enough to give a sense of safety - the survey also revealed that the sum that would change the life of the average Brit is £1.8 million.

Once again, the life-changing amount varied from region to region, with those in Yorkshire & Humber dreaming of £2.5m compared to £820,000 in the North East.

Given that official figures released recently show the average salary for full-time workers as £26,462, Brits would have to save nearly 70 years-worth of earnings to reach the £1.8m dream number.

A spokesman for Legal & General told the Daily Mail: "There is a big gap between people's hopes for financial security and the reality of their finances.

"The vast majority of families simply can't afford to save up nearly £100,000 to feel comfortable or safe."

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