Woman pulls two men from path of oncoming train in New York subway

Woman pulls two men from path of oncoming train in New York SubwayDoreen Winkler/Twitter

When Doreen Winkler saw a drunken man fall onto the tracks of a Manhattan subway on Thursday, all she could think about was Ki-Suck Han, the man who was killed on Monday when he was pushed into the path of an oncoming train.

'Not again,' she said. 'The whole time in my head, not again. I kept thinking I'm going to watch him die.'

The Daily Mail reports that the 5"2 wine sommelier from Brooklyn, along with two other women, pulled the man plus another Good Samaritan who got into trouble out of the path of an oncoming train at Bowling Green station in lower Manhattan.

The incident took place when Winkler was waiting for a train at the station to head to a wine tasting session uptown.

She spotted a drunken man lying on his back in the middle of the tracks. He was later identified as Jack Simmons, 64, from the Bronx.

She was terrified she wouldn't be able to pull the larger man out alone and asked a man nearby to jump down and help her.

'This guy jumps down on the tracks,' Winkler told the Daily News. 'And he's pushing him, trying to get him to stand up.'

But a train appeared when the second man landed on the tracks.

Witness Margaret Besheer said: 'I glanced up and see the lights of an approaching train on the uptown side, and glance back and now there are TWO people on the tracks.'

An unidentified hero and Simmons made it to the platform after Winkler and two other women pulled them out.

'I had one arm each of each man,' Winkler said. 'I was freaking out that nobody was helping at first.'

The hero broke out in tears and said: 'Thank you, I thought I was going to die.'

'You can't ever, ever, ever watch somebody die,' said Winkler.

Simmons was treated and released at New York Downtown Hospital.

The heroic rescue came days after Ki-Suck Han was shoved onto the subway tracks in the path of an oncoming train.

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