Video: Monkey in shearling coat surprises shoppers at Ikea

There are many things guaranteed to happen when you visit Ikea: an argument with your other half being one sure-fire thing.

What you don't expect to see? A macaque monkey wearing a shearling coat and a nappy wandering around the car park.

That's what some shoppers in Toronto experienced when the curious little animal escaped from its owner and made a beeline for the store, where customers helped get him inside before calling the Toronto Animal Services.

According to the Daily Telegraph, one shopper, Bronwyn Page, said the animal started running around the crowd of onlookers and screaming. She added: "This is so bizarre. Like why is there a monkey at Ikea? Like I never expected to see that. I was pretty shocked."

The owner was charged with being in possession of a prohibited animal, and signed the rhesus macaque over to the Toronto Animal Services, who said the seven-month-old was in good health.

According to the Mirror, an animal control officer told the Toronto Star the monkey will be transferred to a sanctuary as soon as possible.

"The monkey was in a bit of shock, but it's calmed down now that we've been feeding it some grapes," he said.

"At least it's warm and safe now ... It tried to keep warm in the coat the best that an animal of its size could."

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