Driver clings on to roof of van in his pants after thieves steal it

Driver clings on to roof of van in his pants after thieves steal itCaters

The moment a driver clung to the roof of his van in his pants as it was being stolen has been caught on camera in Paris.

The Polish delivery driver saw two thieves breaking into the vehicle from his hotel window in the suburb of Villemomble, and raced down to try and stop them - with no time to put his trousers on.

He held on for a mile as the van sped through the streets of France's capital.

And his tenacity paid off, because when the van stopped at a red light, he jumped down and grabbed the driver through the window. The other man, however, escaped.

According to the Daily Mail, a Paris policeman said: "He was delivering a cargo of shoes to England when he spotted these two stealing from his lorry.

"He set off to catch them without getting fully dressed and after almost two kilometres on the van's roof, he managed to leap down and grab one of the men, while the other escaped.

"He held him until police arrived and managed to recover his stolen goods."
The suspected thief will appear before magistrates this week.

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