Skydiver dies after mid-air collision

Ceri Roberts
Skydiver dies after mid-air collision
Skydiver dies after mid-air collision


A skydiver died yesterday when he collided with another parachutist in mid-air.

The Daily Star reports that the man was one of a group of 16 who jumped from a plane over Picton, near Sydney.

The 32-year-old man was knocked unconscious when he hit another man during freefall. He then lost control of his parachute and fell to the ground, hitting a truck at high speed outside the designated landing zone. He died at the scene.

The other man, aged 39, managed to control his parachute after the collision and landed safely. He was taken to hospital where he is being treated for back injuries.

ABC reports that the accident happened just after 10am yesterday. Police say that there are no suspicious circumstances but it could take some time to work out what caused the accident.

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