Is your Christmas shopping safe?

Oxford Street Christmas decorationsToday shoppers will buy most of their Christmas presents, according to M&S Bank. The favoured day for food shopping is Saturday 22 December.

The combined spend for both trips is set to total £526, which includes £347 on gifts and £179 on food and drink. But M&S is warning, left in a car all that spending could be underinsured.

All present and correct?

M&S Bank is urging motorists to check their car insurance policy before they hit the shops this Christmas, with seasonal shopping trips expected to put the value of vehicle contents at around £263 per trip, which could be put at risk if left in an underinsured car.

Neil Rogers, head of insurance at M&S Bank, said: "Choosing and buying Christmas presents is a fun part of the festive build up for many people - seeing the lights and decorations, and finding the perfect gift really gets people in the Christmas spirit.

"Unfortunately this time of year does mean the car boot can become a target for opportunistic thieves, so it's important to make sure you've got adequate vehicle content cover for your Christmas shopping."

On your Marks

In a sneaky move, M&S Car Insurance includes an extra £300 cover for shopping purchased in M&S stores, plus £200 for items bought elsewhere.

Roger's top tips to keep your shopping safe
  • Keep shopping bags covered and locked in the car boot – they could be tempting for opportunistic thieves if left visible to passers by
  • Don't leave expensive electrical items in view – make sure mobile phones and GPS devices are safely locked away or removed from the vehicle
  • Don't make it easy for thieves - be sure to fully close all windows and roof panels and always lock the vehicle, even if you're just getting a ticket for the car park
  • Don't leave receipts in shopping bags – so you've got them to hand should the worst happen
  • Check your car insurance policy – make sure you know what your policy covers
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