Drink driving is on the increase, says new research

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Drink driving is on the increase, one car insurance company has found.

Research from LV= car insurance reveals that the number of drivers confessing to driving while under the influence of alcohol has almost doubled since 2009.
One in six (15 per cent) drivers admit that they have driven while over the legal alcohol limit at some point despite the fact that the majority (88 per cent) of these admit it affects their ability to drive.

The firm says this rise is due to "widespread confusion" about the number of alcohol units in popular pub drinks.

The research found one in five (20 per cent) drivers cannot name the correct number of units in any alcoholic drink with a pint of lager is most frequently underestimated - with four out of five (80 per cent) drivers thinking it has less units than it actually does. And only a third of drivers know how much alcohol a drink contains.

According to official police data, obtained by a Freedom of Information request from LV= car insurance, December is the month in which most drink drivers are caught each year.

John O'Roarke, managing director of LV= car insurance, said: "Given the confusion about how much alcohol can be consumed before a driver is over the legal limit and the fact that alcohol affects each person differently, the only way to be certain of being under the limit is to completely abstain from alcohol before driving.

"The key to enjoying the festive season is to plan ahead and don't drive if you've had a drink."
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