Onesie branded the biggest fashion disaster of the year

They have been embraced by celebrities including One Direction, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, but the onesie has been labelled 2012's biggest fashion disaster by the British public.

Onesie voted 2012's bigges fashion faux pas
Onesie voted 2012's bigges fashion faux pas

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In a survey of more than 1,600 Brits, for more than two-thirds voted the unflattering all-in-ones as this year's biggest fashion faux pas, with almost 50 per cent saying the cosy kit looked "ridiculous" and a third insisting the onesie should never make it out of the bedroom.

Despite giving the garment the big thumbs down, 29 per cent confessed to owning one, and nearly a third admitted they'd don a dodgy outfit if they'd seen their favourite celebrity wearing it.

Second in the list of fashion mistakes were male Ugg boots, with 61 per cent voting the footwear as a wardrobe no-no, complaining that they were just "too feminine" for men.

Wide-peaked caps, low-cut V-neck T-shirts and denim shirts completed the top five fashion faux pas.

George Charles of, said: "It seems that following fashion trends doesn't necessarily do good things for your image.

"Our poll suggests that the gasps of awe you were expecting are more likely to be gasps of stifled laughter. There seems to be a tendency to follow celebrity fashion trends no matter what they look like.

Mr Charles added: "Some items, such as male Ugg boots, have been around for a while, yet they are still popular despite people finding them questionable in a fashion sense."

Have you invested in a onesie or steered clear of this particular trend? Leave your comments below...