Clarkson claims 'Top Gear in peril'

Jeremy Clarkson has claimed that Range Rover has put the world-famous motoring show Top Gear in peril.

Tweeting yesterday, he posted images of cameramen from the show failing to fit into the back of the new Range Rover.
The show uses the popular off-roader for tracking shots, filming the stars of Top Gear out on the public road during challenges. The Range Rover has previously been praised for its load capability and superior ride, allowing film crews to get good, steady shots.

However, yesterday, Clarkson tweeted images of the crew trying out the new Range Rover, with one cameraman only just fitting in the boot, without a camera.

He tweeted: "This is a cameraman in the back of an old Range Rover. He fits easily. "And this is a similarly-sized cameraman trying out the new Range Rover. He doesn't fit at all. Top Gear is in peril."

But it wasn't only the new car's smaller boot that caused the star anguish. Moments later he pointed out that the number plate is now attached to the top half of the spilt folding tailgate, meaning film crew would not be able to legally film on the road with the boot open.

Clarkson added: "Only a Range Rover will do. No other big car has a split tailgate AND a sublime camera-friendly ride. We are doomed."

But less than an hour later, Clarkson had retreated on his attack on the famous British marque, tweeting: "To be clear. The new Range Rover is utterly fabulous. Unless you are a Top Gear cameraman. Or a big dog."

This isn't the first time Clarkson has used the social networking site to vent his frustrations. Along with ranting about the new Range Rover, yesterday he turned, once again, on innocent motorists, tweeting the registration details of a yellow van, claiming the driver was 'not very good at [driving]'.

Perhaps the star could start giving others driving lessons as well as his daughter.
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