Video: Couple lose fight with Chinese authorities as 'Island House' is demolished

Last month, we brought you news of an elderly couple in China who were standing in the way of a new motorway, refusing to move out of their home for it to be demolished.

In a bid to pressure the couple to move out, authorities simply built the road around the house. They were faced with living in a partly-demolished five-storey house smack bang in the middle of a large motorway – that was until earlier this week.The road is yet to be officially opened, despite road developers refusing to let the small problem of a house get in the way of their contractual duties and building the road around the Baogens' family home.

News of their defying bid to save their home attracted world-wide attention on the internet, and the couple stood strong, like their house, in the face of authorities.

The original compensation pay-out offered by the Chinese Government left Luo Baogen and his wife distinctly unimpressed, and they decided to stay put, despite the road surrounding their house, rendering it un-sellable.

The story has finally come to its end this week and it's bad news for fans of the defying couple as they have now accepted an unreported sum of money for the house and have moved out - leaving their house to finally be raised to the ground.

You can watch the final chapter of this heroic story below:

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