John Lewis launches 'try before you buy' party shoe suite

Caroline Cassidy

As the party season approaches, women up and down the country will be searching for that fabulous pair of shoes to finish off their stunning outfit - but as many will tell you, all too often that footwear purchase results in an evening of dance floor pain.

John Lewis launches Boogie Shoes suite
John Lewis launches Boogie Shoes suite

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Thankfully, department store John Lewis is this year attempting to fix the problem of sore party feet by launching a 'try before you buy' suite.

The store has launched the 'Boogie Shoes' suite in Stratford City, which allows party-going customers to properly test out their killer heels in a changing room that comes complete with a soundtrack.

Special advisers will be on hand for all ladies looking to perfectly complement their Christmas party dress, after which they can give their shortlist of shoes a test drive to ensure they won't be in agony after dancing the night away.

A spokesman for John Lewis told the Daily Mail: "The John Lewis Fashion Advisers will be on hand to ensure each customer has the perfect Cinderella fit and to offer help with finding the right pair of shoes to complement an outfit.

"Customers can then test their choice on an exclusive dance floor in the Fashion Advice Suite. With music to set the mood, customers can have a boogie to ensure feet are prepped for parties while also testing out a selection of fabulous shoes to find the pair that will last the night."

What do you think? Would you test drive your party shoes in the John Lewis Boogie Shoes suite? Leave your comments below...