Fight at airport as cheating partner caught returning from holiday with mistress

Roshina Jowaheer
Fight at airport as cheating partner caught returning from holiday with mistress
Fight at airport as cheating partner caught returning from holiday with mistress


A fight broke out at Birmingham Airport after a policeman was caught returning from a secret holiday with his mistress.

The Daily Mail reports that Mark Davis told the mother of his three children he was going on a week-long stag do in Turkey but instead took his WPC lover on a romantic holiday.

Davis's partner Helen McEvoy turned detective on her partner when she and her sister Donna confronted Mr Davis at the airport on his arrival home with his lover.

McEvoy asked her cheating partner if he had enjoyed the break 'with your bit on the side' as they ambushed him and Elaine Turner at the airport.

The scene was captured on CCTV.

The group became involved in a fracas that sent a display of chocolate bars at a shop flying before police arrived.

The McEvoy sisters were arrested and charged with assault. They received 12-month conditional discharges after magistrates accepted that Mr Davis's partner had suffered a 'great degree of provocation.'

Philip Haycock, defending, outlined the 'sad and sordid background' and said that Mr Davis, 29, had sent McEvoy, also 29, a series of loving text messages saying how much he missed her while on the supposed stag week for a colleague.

But when suspicious McEvoy looked up the 'groom' in question, she found he was still at home in Dudley, West Midlands.

She called Mr Davis, who then changed his story and claimed to be 'on his own, trying to get his head together.'

Solihull magistrate's court heard how Mr Davis told her he would be flying in to Gatwick, where he arranged to meet her.

McEvoy did not believe him and instead went to Birmingham Airport on the day he was due back. She and her sister waited at 1am as Mr David emerged with two suitcases and 35-year-old Miss Turner in tow.

Mr Haycock said: 'The sisters shouted: "Hope you enjoyed your holiday with your bit on the side."

'They did not travel to the airport to cause a problem. Helen wanted to show Elaine that Mr Davis had been playing both of them and that they were still in a relationship.

'She tried to show the text messages, but the situation deteriorated very quickly.'

The court heard how Mr Davis had already been forgiven for once cheating on his partner with Miss Turner, a colleague at West Bromwich police station.

Mr Hancock added that Miss Turner sent a police-headed letter to McEvoy's boss at Dudley Council, where she works as a benefit adviser, accusing her of harassment.

West Midlands Police's professional standards department is investigating the matter.

Sentencing, magistrate Michael Martin said: 'It's obvious a deplorable series of events led to this incident.

'We believe both sisters attended to determine if [Mr Davis] had been telling the truth, and not for a violent confrontation. There is a considerable amount of mitigation in this case.'

McEvoy's mother told the Daily Mail she was no longer in a relationship with Mr Davis.

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